“Where The Joy Of Learning Begins”
10 Knoll Drive
Rockaway, NJ
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Welcome to the world of PG's Kiddie College, Inc. where our primary focus is on your child's happiness and well being. 


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This commitment is reflected in our Pre-School Program, our facility and our teachers.
At PG's Kiddie College, Inc.. each child is treated as an individual.  It is our basic aim to provide each child with a very enjoyable and rewarding early school experience. 
Total child development in areas of physical, social, emotional and academic growth is the basis of our program.  A positive self-concept is fostered.  There is emphasis on readiness for later school years.
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Our Program accommodates children 2 1/2-5 years old and we are committed to working with parents in guiding each child's development during these exciting early years.

We encourage parents and prospective students to visit our school to meet with us.  We are open to visitors daily.  However, we do appreciate your calling to set up an appointment. outsideplayareawithwalkway.jpg (735781 bytes)

Registrations are currently being accepted.